Customize your Keds

Anyone can customize their own sneakers. It' so easy to do and we are here to help with ideas and inspiration. View our step by step instructions HERE.We'll show you lots of designs that you can purchase 'as-is' or customize to your heart's content. We'll even give you a few examples of customizations possible.

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Easy steps to designing your shoes.

If you simply want to add a pattern to your sneakers and want to find the easiest possible way to do it, you can use these ready made custom templates:

High Tops Sneakers Template
Low Tops Tennis Shoes Template
Slip On Shoes Template

However, if you'd like to have a go at doing all the steps yourself, then keep reading............ When you click onto a blank ZIPZ® product page from the zazzle site, or via these links: High Tops, Low Tops or Slip Ons you'll see a page like this:

Customizing Your Own Designer Sneakers 1

Tap the Add image box and your image folder/uploads page will appear:

Customizing Your Own Designer Sneakers 2

You can choose to either upload from your computer or other device, or from Google Drive or Instagram (do remember to respect the copyrights of others and only use images that you have a right to use). If you select the My Computer or Upload New Images, you will be able to drag and drop images for upload, or choose to search your device for images using File Explorer.

Customizing Your Own Designer Sneakers 3

Once you have uploaded your image, it will appear on whichever style of shoes you  previously chose:

Customizing Your Own Designer Sneakers 4

You'll see the different product view thumbnails (arrow 1), we'll use these during the design process. Next, note the Mirror option (arrow 2). If you're adding a pattern have the box here checked - it makes the process much quicker. If you're adding photos or a logo, you'll need to uncheck that box.

The default view is of the outside of both sneakers, you'll also see the selected design area in the editing panel to the right of the screen. Here it says: Left Shoe Outside: Images and Text.

The image we uploaded has only been added to the outside of the shoe (but with the mirror box checked it's added it to the same place on both right and left shoes).

Tap on Art view located below the main image:

Customizing Your Own Designer Sneakers 5

Click the Fill button (marked by arrow 3).

Customizing Your Own Designer Sneakers 6

The image will resize to fit both shoes (if the morror option is checked). If the image you've chosen is too small or at too low a resolution for print quality, the this warning message will pop up at the top of the page:

If your image fits, tap Edit (arrow 4) and copy the filled image (arrow 5). Select the back of the shoe in the product view thumbnails, tap Edit again and paste your image onto the back of the shoes.

Customizing Your Own Designer Sneakers 7

You need to resize your image if you want it to match the proportions on the other areas. Use the +/- buttons (arrow 6) or the resizing handles (arrow 7) to do this. Holding the Ctrl key on a PC keyboard will give smaller increments. Holding the Shift key will give larger increments. Then tap the next product view thumbnail for the inside of the shoe and Edit and Paste again. Do the same with the overhead view of the shoe to design the tongue, this will require resizing too. Adding a design or color to the tongue will cause an increase in price, so if a white tongue fits with your design, you can always leave it empty.

Customizing Your Own Designer Sneakers 8

Congratulations! You have successfully designed your very first pair of customized sneakers and now you're on your way to becoming a real trendsetter.

For more tips on customizing Zazzle products, check out the tutorials on CM Design Style.